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Fears' Embrace 
By Brandon Finley-Reynoso

         Our story begins with a being,Its name is Amenhotep or more commonly known as "Amenhotep, The Chaosic" among the interdimensional prison systems. And Amenhotep Who of which has been wronged and torn through dimensions nearly endlessly. The Council of Celestial beings wanted to ensure the safety of all creation. Amenhotep was imprisoned under the suspicion of erasing entire dimensions. As retaliation against those who abandoned him, He escaped a Hollow Cell(A cell with no doors or windows) but then was recaptured shortly after. As punishment he was cast in an eternal cycle of dimension drops(switching dimensions).
As his body flung in and out of dimensions he began to hear a voice from the blur that was the blended worlds. A woman's voice. Soft but commanding.
For once in eons he felt still and it made him sick.
As her voice became louder the more drained he felt. Unable to act he started to dematerialize from his present location. Appearing from a portal. Amenhotep felt the cold rain hit his skin and was in ecstasy. Before him a young woman chanting with black attire and book held open while her companions guarded her from the rain with umbrellas. Amenhotep quickly examined their forms and chose his best transformation though still very weak. He only had enough energy to do one form cycle. so he made it count. Reverting to the creature he was most fond of. The young woman placed the book in a titanium case and stepped forward approaching Amenhotep, Saying to him, we have sacrificed many items to you in hope of your arrival.
Her left hand bleeding. Amenhotep sniffs the air a second, Amenhotep notices something odd, proclaiming, step forward acolyte. She inches closer slowly and kneels in front of him. Holding out her hand to him. Amenhotep grabs her closer, face to face, their eyes meet. Amenhotep brings her bleeding hand to his face and licks the blood. His eyes light up a bright yellow-orange. The young woman tells him, my name is Ales-(she is cut off by him kissing her abruptly). Both of them surrounded by an array of sigils that broke while they were in each others embrace. Thus, they were both emanating becoming unbearably bright. From the light emerged a Phoenix with scarlet and blue flames amongst its black fire. The Beast consumed the flesh of the remaining followers swiftly. Calessid, The Beast uses its new found power to give the consumed followers new bodies with special abilities. The Beast sent them out to spread the message of Amenhotep’s return.
So across the world the disciples of Amenhotep traveled to rally the gods who supported him still. Ares enticed by the news, descended brute soldiers on cities of Greece and sacrifices all the lives he can. Fenrir summons the Lycans to feast and scribe the symbol of Amenhotep. Once Giobhniu hears word of Amenhotep’s return he begins forging a weapon of great power. Unfortunately the many Amenhotep once held confidence in had abandoned him. Calessid warps to Los angeles. To send a stronger message, Calessid uses the blood sacrifices from Ares to gain enough power to become a Colossal Fire Bird brandishing a sword burning white hot. The citizens panic and run trampling over one another trying to escape the Beast sight. Calessid raises the blade and buries its point into the ground burning everything in a 100 mile radius. Turning all souls touched by the flame into gold molds of their last second. Helicopters make their way out just barely surviving as they hovering above broadcasting the atrocity in awe of the creature before them. The Fire Bird lets out a roar before disappearing from sight.
God itself recognizes Amenhotep’s return after the atrocity. God releases the power of the five remaining Dragon Spirits. The other gods frantically gather their arms to train their mortal followers to face Amenhotep’s radical following. Three branches were formed, DreamWalkers, Order 949, and Gjallha. All the nations and beings of the Earth join the effort, but, some are excluded because of their origin. Such as, Demons, Araknis, Fallen Angels, and Gannuut.
Chapter 1 : Life Never Still
    A woman knocks on room numbered 646. Michael, Virgil, meet me in my office in ten, k? Michael looking at Virgil with a mundane appearance, says, Sure thing Miss Da’Don. Both of them sitting across from each other. Virgil gets up, saying, ah my leg fell asleep haha, Michael standing up with no trouble says nothing. They both head to the door, Michael opens it and begins walking down the hall. Behind him Virgil follows. Their neighbor a young woman named Cheyenne tries to strike a conversation with Michael but he is deeply uninterested.
Virgil talks to her out of courtesy but his words fall on deaf ears. Virgil, a little embarrassed stops talking, and Michael turns right at the end of the hall then walks up two sets of stairs once Michael and Virgil reach the top of the second set Cheyenne follows behind trying to gain an audience with Michael. When they reach Miss Da’Don’s door Michael turns to Cheyenne, saying, we’ll talk sometime just not now. Defeated, She walks away after nodding energetically. Virgil opens the Office door and walks in with Michael. Miss Da’Don says, I’ve got some interesting news boys.
Virgil, excited says, do we finally get to have coffee machine in the cafeteria? Miss D. says, No, but your parents just called me and they have been verified through our DNA MTD. Michael in a calm demeanor says, only took ‘em nineteen years. Virgil says, Damn, I was looking forward to becoming the occult studies president. Miss D. Shows them to the door and with a smile and a tear saying, you’d better gather your most valued items. An hour later the boys’s parents show up.
They introduce themselves, our Names are Mark and Lindsey, says Lindsey. Mark waves to them. Mark raises the trunk of his car for Michael and Virgil’s belongings, in less than ten minutes they were on the road. The vehicle was dead silent. The next hour was the longest the boys had endured. The car ride had a tension that was broken when Mark spotted some Viperflies. Mark says, guys look the Viperflies are flying beside the car. Michael ignores him and reaches into his pocket and feels something. He pulls out a note that Cheyenne must have planted. It read.
It’s been years since we met and recently I had a feeling that you were the one
But all my advances have been met with refusal. I can’t even have a conversation with you. I can’t take it any longer. Tonight, i’m ending my life.
P.S. I wish I knew how to be stronger as person.
Michael solemnly says, not much I can do now. No sense in dwelling on things I can’t change. He brings out his phone from his other pocket and opens an article of the most recent news. Most of the headlines read “GANG RELATED KILLINGS ACROSS THE DISTRICTS IN WORLD.” Michael remarks in his thoughts, i’m glad we made it to the housing center. Virgil is the only person who matters to me at this time. It’s always been just us. I gotta make sure he is safe here just like before. I’m not sure Mark and Lindsey are trustworthy. Virgil looks outside in astonishment to see a Viperfly in person. Wow, so much prettier than I thought. Mark notices Virgil’s excitement. Well, if you enjoyed seeing those beauties, just wait get home we have a myriad of amazing creatures. Virgil’s curiosity and imagination get the better of him. That sounds really awesome, can’t wait. Lindsey smiles happily. To herself within her thoughts, Finally together again. She then says to them all, Still have about an hour of drivin’ to go you two should take a nap. We’ll be there in no time. Virgil agrees. I want to be reenergized for all the mysterious creatures Mark spoke of. Michael remain steely cold and keeps awake browsing on his phone and periodically looking outside for local business places as references in case the police need a reference to find them in case things go south. Lindsey tells Michael, you’re really protective over your brother, I noticed. Michael responds with an emotionless tone, someone had to have his back since you two were nowhere to be found. Mark tries to break the tension. What are some of your interests? Michael says, I like to create things, in short i’m an Artist in many ways. Mark asks, How about Virgil? Michael replies, it would be better to ask him yourself when he wakes up. Michael sees Lindsey turns on an exit to a woodland area. So we’re going to be forest people? Lindsey says it’s usually quiet out here except at night, always lock your bedroom door at night. Michael asks, why? Oh you know just for extra security. Michael thinks to himself, how oddly suspicious.
[The Car continues through the forest and the sun is setting.]
Mark says, honey we should probably hurry on a bit faster. Lindsey says yeah but these roads seem worse than before. Michael getting drowsy lays his head near the window. Then a roar was heard by them all. Virgil groggy asks, what was that? Michael responds, I don’t know. Before they could fully speculate, the side of the car was flipped over onto Michael’s side by a great beast. The beast had the beak of a hawk and with it removed Virgil who was knocked out by the collision. Michael unable to move watches with blurred vision as his brother is taken.
Michael looks for Mark and Lindsey but they aren’t in the front seats anymore. Michael hears lightning and thunder and flashes of color coming from the direction of the beast’s attack.
Michael blinks and he is now on the ground on his hands and knees looking up at the darkening sky with vision still blurred sees what he thinks to be an angel descending. When it lands before him, he reaches out for its assistance. The angel forms a trident and lunges toward Michael before he passes out.
[The Next Morning]
Michael springs up and feels pain from his bruised body. Ouch, it wasn’t a nightmare afterall.
Lindsey tries to calm Michael. Rest now, getting worked up in your condition won’t help you or Virgil any sooner. Michael unable to exert his voice to speak and lies back down. Broken and defeated. Lindsey grabs a T.V. remote and flips through channels askings Michael what he wishes to watch.When the news station appeared Michael grabbed her arm and nodded. She says news it is, alrighty I will be back soon i’m going to see how dinner is coming along. Lindsey shuts the room door behind her. Michael has a vision of chains and pentagrams within a dark room. When it ends he is confused and is frightful of Virgil’s safety. The Sky is darkened with black clouds. Alarmed, Michael looks out the window of his room, and from the clouds a team of dropships near the Grimm residence. A single personnel ship departs from the largest dropship. Upon landing in front of the household a young woman in a cloak steps out of the vehicle. Before long law enforcement arrives with news crews not far behind. Michael saw his room window from the t.v. news channel he was watching. The young woman glided her way into Michael’s bedroom through the walls. In disbelief, Michael remarks I must be dreaming a vivid reality. The young lady introduces herself as Maria. She then steps toward Michael and unable to move he sits silent as she pulls out a gooey worm-like creature from her cloak. She gently hold Michael’s head back and releases the creature down his throat. She kisses his forehead and leaves as fast as she arrives. The press were waiting outside for a response from whoever she had come to see. In just moments Michael’s wounds began to heal at an inhuman rate. Looking at his hands his eyes seemed to have a Blue filter on them and upon examining his hands he saw that they were being slowly covered in a bone-line material. Concerned he jumps out of bed and he discovered his legs are completely exoskeletal. Michael’s sight begins to blur and before he knows it he passes out. [ Michael in darkness hears crying and screaming]
He awoke on Venice Beach in California covered in blood and blue goop. Michael raising his himself off the ground with blistering headache then feels the back of his neck and notices something odd. His attention is immediately shifted when he hears police sirens and people fleeing. Soon he was surrounded by a swat team with assault rifles. Michael’s head throbbing thought he heard someone say snipers at the ready. Everything felt wrong. Michael stood frozen in fear of what he had done unconscious. Two fifty caliber bullets blew off each leg splattering blood and torn muscle on the ground as Michael falls face first to the ground crying out, why?!?!  A Swat member runs toward Michael and flips him over pressing his gun to Michael’s cheek. Crying himself says to Michael, you’re gonna eat lead for all those children who are gonna have to grow up parentless!!! Michael’s cry’s are silenced by a bullet passing through his head from the officer’s gun.
Chapter 2 : Oh, Hell.
[Michael’s body appears to be dissolving from existence before fully disappearing from sight]
    Michael gets shaken till he achieves consciousness. Looking about himself, Michael finds he is laying on a couch. The girl who shook Michael awake introduced herself, Tenshi is my name. She called out to her older sister Isabelle to greet Michael. Isabelle tells him he healed pretty fast. Isabelle asked him what he was. Michael said, I am a regular human being and in this world I fear not so much for myself. My brother is out there in this world of monsters, familiar and different. Isabelle cuts Michael off and says that’s pretty rich coming from the guy who took a bullet to the head is alive a week later. Surprised, Michael gets up and heads to the door saying, I need to get back to my family. Tenshi asked Michael, why can’t you stay and talk to us mystery man. I need to find my brother, the sooner, the better. Isabelle demands Michael to stay and talk or else, showing her claws and sharp teeth. Michael disgusted leaves immediately shutting the door behind him politely. Michael walks down the hallway just outside the apartment. Almost to elevator, Michael says with a minor celebration. Isabelle yells out, Hey! I’m not gonna let you leave without paying for the medical supplies we used on you while you were all dead and stuff. Michael says, I don’t have time for thi-  [ an illuminated blade hook hits and pins Michael to the wall adjacent to the elevator. Walking in Michael’s direction Isabelle reaches to her wrists and pulls out shurikens from magic sigils throwing them three at a time till Michael’s arms are seemingly incapacitated. Michael in tremendous pain tells her, kill me then you demon. She forms a dagger and plunges it into his chest. The blade shatters inside. Michael hears a strange voice coming from inside his head.
After this I can’t save you till he shows, okay. Michael asks, who are you? Let’s just say it wasn’t pleasant for either of us when we first met but i’m here to help you. Michael, can I call you Mike?. Michael shakes his head. Isabelle beats him up whilst Michael is away in his head.
The voice says, I am an Archaeon but not just any one. I am free from the hold of the Empire. Listen to me Michael when you die i’m going to take control of your body. You will see everything now that your humanity is lessening. Afraid of what that may fully mean, Michael tries to form a sentence but each word he tries to say numbs a piece of his body. After Michael speaks his last word, he falls into an abyss feeling tension in his chest. A door appears beneath him, lighting up the area around Michael. He crashes through the door finding himself in a futuristic/alien room.
A monitor activates and he sees through his physical body’s eyes. Isabelle stops a moment to take a break and tells Michael he has no choice but to pay her sister for the service she did. Michael’s eyes glew green. A doubled voice proclaims, I am Seros Aucht, you have incapacitated my vessel and now you must face my wrath. She raises her fist to punch but halfway through delivery her arm is captured in an immobilizing stasis field that only the originator can move freely in. Isabelle trying to remove her arm from the stasis notices many tiny claws removing the skin and muscle from her bones until they were pure calcium. She then snaps the bones and tries running away. Michael’s body under Seros’s control shoots the shards of the blade that previous shattered inside his chest at Isabelle. Striking her thighs and ankles she falls to the floor. Seros walks toward her removing the hooks and shurikens fully regenerating his damaged flesh. Seros holds up the hook blade to commit to a final strike but stops to request her final words. Crying now she says we need the money to pay rent and for food. We barely make ends meet with our dead end jobs and most places won’t hire a Succubus because they think we’ll drain the customers souls. Seros says, your words have been heard. Raising the blade, Michael calls out from the room, don’t kill her!, spare her life. He says to Seros, I would have done the same, in a quieted voice. Seros swiftly plunges the hook blade into the floor. Isabelle thanks him for sparing her life. Seros leaves Michael’s body from his throat and attaches to his left arm calcifying into a wristband-like form. Michael coughs heavily for a moment. Spitting on the floor, Michael looks at Isabelle,
First thing we need to do is get you back inside your apartment. Michael picks her up and carries her down the hall to the her apartment door. Michael knocks on the door, Tenshi answers saying, who is it? Michael replies the guy who had a bullet in his head.
She slightly opens the door, and sees him and asks what happened to Isabelle. He says to her, more than i’d care to explain. She sees her wounds, she motions Michael inside and tells him to put Isabelle on their kitchen table. Tenshi preps some of the leftover first-aid materials. Michael asks if there is something he could do and she says if could remove the metal shards out that will help her healing process. Tenshi goes into a room and returns with a vile of some pink liquid. She opens Isabelle’s mouth and pours it in.
She awakes in agony as Michael is pulling out the shattered pieces. Michael says, sorry  about this, I should have been more grateful. Isabelle tells Tenshi to get some more bandages. After all the shards are out she starts bandaging herself up, Rejecting Michael’s help. Michael pulls out his wallet and pays Tenshi forty dollars. Tenshi happily takes the payment and smiling goes to get some towels to clean up the blood. Isabelle reluctantly asks Michael to take her to her bedroom. Agreeing he picks up isabelle by the least tender areas. Isabelle in his arms says, you stay with me, got it buddy. Michael admires her protecting nature and smiles, fine by me. Michael sets her down in a chair in the bedroom. He pulls back the blanks on the bed. Moving her to the bed she says thank you. Michael covers her up and sits in the chair she previously was in. [Thinking to himself] What is happening? Why now? Where is Virgil? Isabelle quickly falls into a hibernative state whilst her wounds glow and begin to heal faster. She stops just after her vital wounds are healed to heal naturally. Michael exhausted, shuts hits eyes to sleep. He opens his eyes some odd hours later. Isabelle was not lying in bed, she was gone. Michael stands up and stretches out before leaving the room. Opening the door he looks to the left, then to the right. He hears a shower on down the hall and heads to the living room to see if Tenshi is there. Tenshi invested in her show pays no attention to Michael until he asks her if he could grab something to eat. She nods not breaking her concentration. The bathroom door opens and Michael waits to hear Isabelle enter her room so he avoids any awkward situations. He hears another door open and shut. He forgets about food and heads to the bathroom to shower himself. Reaching the bathroom he enters, locks the door, and undresses. There is some hot water left he finds. Cleaning himself, he realizes that he has no other clothes wear. So he finishes up his shower then looks for a towel but there aren’t any in the bathroom. Michael calls out to Tenshi, Do you have any other towels? She laughs and replies, no, haha. They are finishing up in the dryer hold on a bit. Tenshi snickers, how about those clothes of yours? Michael says to her I’ll hand you them. Michael opens up the door slightly and gives her his clothes. Quietly he says, thank you. Sitting in the bathroom, Isabelle knocks on the door. She sighs and says, You are the only one who has ever taken mercy on me - it seems. Thank you, but it will take time for my arm to fully be restored. She continues solemnly, after we get you all dressed and what not, we are gonna talk about where you are. Isabelle leaves and heads toward the kitchen where she grabs a cold drink out of the fridge before she sits down at the kitchen table. Soon after that, Michael receives his clothes for Tenshi. He notices that there are minor re-stitchings on the clothing. He shows his appreciation with a smile. When Michael enters the kitchen he is stunned immediately because Isabelle bluntly says you’re in hell buddy, by the way what’s your name I don’t remember getting it. He firstly states you’re messing with me, right? She opens a curtain, lo and behold there was a chasm of Magma and creatures swimming through it pulling out dead souls.    I guess it’s true, Michael replies. He introduces himself, I am Michael Grimm, Son of Mark and Lindsey Grimm. He then says, I need to get back to earth to find my brother. How do I get back? Isabelle and Tenshi whisper to each other silently. Isabelle tells Michael, The Grimms have been, for lack of a better term, witch hunted and strung up in hell’s capital, Judecca. The High Lucifer would be eager to have you. That being said The High Lucifer is the only one who guides the flow of souls. Seeing as you are a living soul in hell you might be able to get Lucifer to entertain the idea of letting you go. Michael reluctantly asks how do we get to him?
Tenshi laughs, Him? The High Lucifer is a “Lady of Refined Taste” and she will eat you alive if you aren’t ready to face her. She is the head of the ruling houses of Hell. If she didn’t know you were here before she will soon enough. Okay, so we need to disguise you so you don’t get tortured on sight. Michael nods in agreement. Isabelle heads to her room to get a bland black robe and Tenshi gathers a few face painting colors that wouldn’t be to flashy. Michael peeks through the curtains locking eyes with a Wyvern. Stepping back from the window Michael says we might have to leave a little sooner than we expected. Isabelle asks, what do mean? Michael replies I might have been seen by a Wyvern and it looked pretty angrily toward me. Upon completing that sentence a great roar is heard by everyone. Tenshi opening the front door says we’d better go. Isabelle is nearing the door with Michael beside her. Before they make it to the door the Wyvern crashes through the wall and window. When it sees them leaving, the creature spews out liquid fire igniting the dwelling. Michael slams the door behind him. Isabelle opens the doorway to the stairwell motioning Tenshi and Michael silently. As they went up stairs, Michael didn’t question it, because Hell logic is different than Earth’s. Isabelle says as they ascend the staircases, This way we can avoid the Hellion Guard. Undead heathens who lust for any flesh they can devour. Reaching the rooftop’s door Tenshi pushes it open with all her might. As they follow Tenshi through the door, they look up to the darkened sky. Isabelle whistles sharply. A Manticore appears from the darkness above landing on the roof. Isabelle climbs atop the Manticore then pulls up Tenshi.
Isabelle whistles again and a Gryphon lands soon after. The Wyvern’s roars approaching them Michael jumps on the back of the Gryphon and she says watch it friendo. Michael replies, should I even be surprised that a Gryphon can speak. As they Lift off, the Wyvern bites onto the Gryphons tail. Clawing the Wyvern’s face the Gryphon escapes with Michael just barely before being bitten in half. Michael catches up with the girls. Tenshi asks him,  did you lose the beasty? Michael says, no, but it’s really, really pissed off. Isabelle sarcastically remarks, great. The Wyvern violently spits fire before following them in flight. The Wyvern breathes in a long breath issuing a colossal fireball that striked and incapacitated the Gryphon, burning Michael’s back as well. Descending now, Michael reaches in the direction of the girls but they fly away. Upon crashing, the Hellions and the Wyvern surround Michael pointing their weapons at him. Michael broken and lying on the seared flesh of the Gryphon, breathes heavily. The crowd opens in front of  Michael, He sees someone walking toward him, he uses all his strength to raise his head to see the person’s face. To much surprise, he recognized her, she was Cheyenne. The girl who Michael didn’t give a second to.
[Fade to Black]
Chapter 3 : Worlds to Yet Know
Reaching forward, Cheyenne offers her hand to Michael, He reluctantly takes it and pulls himself up. She smiles and says follow me. Michael doesn’t question her request as he follows Cheyenne’s lead through the scourge of Hellions. Each one snarling with disgusting hunger in their eyes. When they finally made it out of the crowd, Cheyenne ordered them to patrol the neighboring cities and to bring the Gryphon to her castle. She reaches into her left side pouch removing a small horn. Cheyenne blows into it, the sky opens up issuing out a Drakken Al’Havolt(Red Lightning Dragon). Flying down to them, the Drakken warps lightning fast, the dragon pulls up flapping its humongous wings. Upon landing it causes the ground to shake. Cheyenne grabs Michael’s hand, She jumps placing them on the great beast’s saddle. She orders the Drakken to take them to her castle. The creature takes off immediately. As they are flying, Michael asks Cheyenne why She didn’t kill him. She turns and says, Don’t be to sure I won’t hehe.
She says, relax i’m just joking. Michael is unamused by Her humor. Michael hears another voice in his head. The voice telepathically says, boy, what is your name? Michael responds, Michael Grimm, what of it? The Grimm here have been curse to remain in our Drakkonic forms by The High Lucifer. Find the Chains of Woe and free us.
Soon after landing, The Royal Hell Guard escorted them to Cheyenne’s throne room.
Once the reached the grand doors to the throne room, Cheyenne pressed her hand onto the door. The great door ached in agony before opening up, Cheyenne loudly yells out, This is where the magic happens. As the two of them walk toward the seat of the throne, Michael feels drawn to the throne himself. Michael’s attention is shifted from the throne to Cheyenne as she removes her armor. Firstly she takes off her chest and back plates, upon revealing her back, a symbol of what looks like a hand glows pink. Two hellish golems arise from the ground and exchanging the armor for proper royal garb. Once fully dressed again, Cheyenne sat the throne gracefully. Michael without
hesitation asked her, What do you want with the Grimms and I? Cheyenne chuckles before answering in a sinister voice, one of you Grimms has one of God’s precious dragons. She gestures her hands to the shackles on the throne arm rests. Cheyenne continues saying, The shackles are connected to the Chains of Woe, I almost gave up hope until you showed up in those succubus’s home. A flaming circle formed and two Hellions dropped down from it with Isabelle and Tenshi over their shoulders. Michael sees that they were burned up pretty bad and beaten. The Hellions threw the girls’ bodies harshly, and then the Hellions jumped through the portal. Now angered Michael shouts out, You will pay for this, Cheyenne. She replies, so what? they are a little beat up, hahaha. Michael sprints at Her screaming, brutalizing the innocent is despicable, I’ll show you the same mercy your monsters gave my new friends. Michael punches her in the face knocking her back but she is unaffected by the hit. She laughs hysterically, Cheyenne stands upright and lunges toward Michael landing a hit to his chest causing him to be flung into a wall breaking his rib cage. Michael lying on the ground coughing up blood, tries to escape. Cheyenne sighs, looks like you couldn’t save yourself let alone those you care for, eh, Michael? A deep chill came over Michael, causing his arms to be covered in ice. His chest sealed up by the ice gave him a single chance to save himself.  Michael charges once again, this time she tries to block his attack but he maneuvers swifty uppercutting Cheyenne. She spits out some blood, laughing she says, Nice try though. The ice wanes before fully dissipating. Cheyenne put on the shackles to imprison Michael, lifting her hands up to chest level begins reciting an enchantment.
Abruptly a fallen angel throws a trident that destroys one of the shackles releasing a Chain of Woe. Michael wastes no time grabbing it, Cheyenne defending herself from the fallen angel is chained to her throne because without the both of the chains she is trapped there. A door frame appeared on the floor, Michael takes hold of Isabelle and Tenshi’s hands. The door opens downward and a hand snatches Michael’s shirt pulling all three of them into the doorway. Passing through the door frame, Michael fights to remain conscious but he becomes enveloped in blinding light forcing him to close his eyes. When Michael awoke he found himself in a lush bed. Looking around with blurred vision, he heard a young boy or maybe a girl say, stay calm there are sprites fixing up your punctured organs and broken bones. Michael asks about both the girl's condition. The voice said, the girls are going to need more time to heal. The voice continues, the sprites tell me that you are special and exceedingly valuable. Seros speaks to Michael, You seem to not like this person. A deeper voice speaks next, You’ve seen a miniscule portion of my power, Amalgam.The sprites flee Michael after the second voice announces itself. Michael’s vision becomes exponentially clearer. He sees the person who was speaking to him. He demands to see the girls. The young boy reveals his name, I am James Crowley and this is our Estate. Uninterested, Michael walks toward him, emotionless. He picks up James by the collar, demanding once again, not breaking eye contact. James is dropped after nodding in compliance, he remarks, how rude. James opens the room’s door and dashes out quickly. Michael runs out after him.
He is met by the Estate’s private security. The Deeper voice in Michael’s head exclaims
Behold a small demonstration of Draco Ex Machina. Michael grows horns pulsating with red and green flames. His body covered in scales. The security begins firing on Michael. Draco tells Michael to press his hands together. Pressing his hands together they burst into flames, Michael pulls them from each other forming a blade that belongs to no time or space. He speaks the words, Ir Hemundt Phali Minimus. The soldiers kneel down on one knee and drop their weapons to the ground. Draco-Michael places the sword in the air as he drains the life energy out of the soldiers. James returns with reinforcements
But as they see the Blade they are hypnotized as well. Not long after, Anna, a Huntress of a noble vampire clan appears. She walks toward Michael. Draco- Michael senses her approaching. She uses her DreamWalker abilities to delve into his mind. Anna sees Michael weeping and she goes to see him. She turns him around but his head transforms into a dragon’s and snaps at her. The Drakken and Archaeon show their true forms warning her to leave. She leaves immediately to grab the sword. When she reaches for it, it removes her skin and flesh. Jumping backwards she issues nine wards onto Draco-Michael. Slowly they seal up his power freeing the detained people. Michael’s power fell but his horns remained. The private security gather themselves, James tells them to take him to the girls right away. Surprised, Michael grins about finally being able to see the girls are ok in addition to the volatile abilities at his disposal.
After a slow and tense walk down two floors they arrive at a system of mirrors that lead to the five main centers of the complex, Medical, Summit, Defenses, Foreign liaisons, Living Quarters. Michael cooperates but looks around to get his bearings somewhat before they enter into the correct mirror. He asked them how much longer till they arrive. Nothing but silence looms over as the escort continues forward, A voice sinisterly says to Michael, there is great purpose in you child. Which no one besides Michael heard. It continues, let’s make a bond, so you can see your brother and I get to awaken an old friend, Deal? Michael shakes his head and repeats, it’s just in my head. One of the escorts whispers to another, he is legitimately fuckin’ crazy. An eye of Ra appears shining bright only visible to Michael. Emerging from it a man dressed in a Pharaoh’s garments, Take my hand, says Amenhotep. Michael reaches out his hand and the guards are pointing their weapons toward Michael’s head. Amenhotep reaches to shake his hand but it is slapped away by Michael as he laughs at the ancient spirit. Amenhotep says, perhaps your brother would be more willing as he turns into sand leaving the Estate. The group makes their way down a long corridor to a legion of doors. James knocks on the doors of the sisters, first to open their door was Tenshi she being upbeat and happy seems well enough. Isabelle tiredly open the door and greets them. Michael relieved, lets out a sigh. The three are escorted to a living space and are asked to sit at a table to await review. As they sit there an unease came over them. Meanwhile in Cairo, Egypt, Virgil screams as the skin of his arms are being actively cut, whipped, and regenerated to repeat the process until the interrogation is complete. Tearing up and violently squirming his legs around he tries to become free somehow. His interrogator revealed herself as member of the Vol, for anonymity she claimed her name Vol!( Vol plus symbol equals name, Vol!, Vol#, Vol*,etc). An aggressive organization bent on stopping the use of supernatural creatures for militarized gains. She punches Virgil in the stomach and stomps his ankles, finally bashing his knees with a sledgehammer. A Warlock heals him with a simple incantation to begin another session. Virgil unable to answer their questions is punished further because they believe him to be lying. Virgil breathing heavily and crying out please just kill me already. The brutes laugh. They remove the magic seals holding his body down, but immediately shackle and bind him with his chest toward the ground, spreading his legs. The Vol form a perma-magi unlimited chamber housing Virgil’s body. For the next step they summon and pour ravenous snakes, scarabs, and leeches into chamber covering Virgil a he continues to scream. Nothing in the chamber dies so the creatures writhe and feast on his flesh as it                                               returns. Soon the monsters find their way into his body and live within and without.
Vol! Speak to Vol# saying, we will wait a few months and see if he feels like telling us the truth, if not, we’ll have to bring Vol|F in. Virgil starts to hear a faint whisper asking for help in return for freeing him. Returning to Michael and the sisters, They endure a hearing and must answer questions about where their allegiance lies. Isabelle immediately says, My sister and I are from Hell, we are looking for refuge from the High Lucifer. Michael responds, At the moment my only concern is helping these two in any way I can. The three interrogators continue, Are you an aid of Amenhotep?, Michael speaks saying, I have no masters and follow no creed, I only believe in myself. Isabelle also says, We don’t hold fealty in any of the Gods. The board whispers among themselves. The assumed leader of them speaks saying, we heard of you possessing both Archaeon and Drakken abilities. Michael says with confidence The powers I have aren’t restricted like the Drakkens. I am a Vessel of Draco Ex Machina. The Board nervously asks another question. What will you three do now? Before they could answer  James recommends them to stay on the Estate until they decide on their next course of action and perhaps a hot meal. Isabelle says, that would be wonderful. Tenshi nods in agreement too nervous to speak. Michael says, I suppose it’s settled let’s eat. Satisfied with the calm nature of the encounter with the Vessel who nearly killed a series of security agents, they let him go. They had hoped that with them he’d not be as destructive as he was in search of the girls after he awoke. As James led them to the Dining hall he showed the Men and Women who originally built the establishment as a sanctuary to all beings. The names, H. Grimm, V. Oltzen, and C. Odinson written underneath their portraits. They meet the dining hall soon after.
Fears' Embrace (Updated)
This story is a journey of two brothers who will do what ever it takes to survive in a world inhabited by creatures from every existing religion of the world claiming good or evil.


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